Caribou Lodge is a fly-in lodge only accessible by bush plane or helicopter.  The lodge is nestled in the foothills of the Talkeetna Mountains on a remote lake just southeast of Denali National Park. We are actually closer to Denali than the park headquarters.  The location of the lodge is right at tree line where the Taiga forest gives way to the Alpine tundra.

With the lodge sitting on the only privately-owned piece of land within miles we do have this beautiful piece of paradise all to ourselves.

Our lodge has actually been converted from an old hunting camp from the 1950's.

The 3 cabins and kitchen were among the first built on this property over 60 years ago.

To ensure that you have a peaceful and enjoyable experience during your visit, we usually do not book more than 6 guests at the lodge at one time. With larger groups of 6 or more, we will be sure that you have the lodge all to yourselves for reunions, anniversaries, or whatever the occasion.

Your cabin is very cozy; set up with a king size bed (or two twin beds). There is a centrally located shower house that all guests take turns using, and two classic off the grid outhouses. There is no plumbing inside our guest cabins.

The Private Shower house at Caribou Lodge Alaska

All guests takes turns using the one shower house. Step in, lock the door and have the place all to yourself. Also, flip the sign outside to RED and other guests won't even knock.

A view inside the

shower house

and the outhouse

Click HERE to read all about our outhouses and why they are still used at Caribou Lodge every day.

Our family prides ourselves on 1st class cooking and baking.  From breakfast, lunch, dinner, and desserts, you may eat more than you intended to.

Before your arrival at Caribou Lodge we want to be sure of any food allergies so we can provide a custom meal plan. Whether you eat gluten free, vegetarian, vegan, etc. Please let us know upon booking your reservation. 

Meals are served in the main lodge family style around a large table. Every morning the lodge opens at 8:00 AM and guests can take advantage of the coffee and cookie bar all day. Breakfast is at 9:00 AM. After breakfast we plan the days activities and pack a lunch. Dinner is served at 6:30 PM

We have 2 dogs at the property. Howie is a 12 year old black lab mix, lives outside and makes sure bears do not wonder too close to the property. He is very friendly, and loves to be pet or have his ball thrown for him. Pippin is a Yorkshire Terrier that weighs about 6 lbs, and lives in the lodge. Although not 100% hypoallergenic he has never given our guests an allergic reaction. If you have concerns about the dogs please contact us before you arrive.

The buildings you’ll find around the property consist of: the day lodge, where all the major cooking, eating and relaxing take place; the 3 main guest cabins “Foraker”, “Hunter” and “Denali”. One centrally located shower house, two exceptionally clean outhouses; (there is no plumbing in the guest cabins)  the kayak shed down by the lake, the workshop, and the "guide cabin".


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Inside the lodge