OFF GRID LAUNDRY!?!?! As if the word "laundry" isn't depressing enough...

Since we do everything as a family out here, laundry is no exception! Bonnie and Alyssa do laundry every week, but in order to get started that means Joe and Zac have to head down to the lake and pump out some water.

But listen, just because we live "OFF GRID" doesn't mean we have to act like Laura Ingalls when we do laundry...This is 2019, so screw the wash board! We have an electric washing machine that runs perfectly from our Honda 3000 generator, and a propane heat dryer. This isn't your average laundry day, but it's also not the 1870's!

(A video we made about doing laundry in the winter. HOPE YOU ENJOY!)

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