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Details - This itinerary is for those who are not planning to stay at the lodge. This is simply a guided camping trip customized by you. We offer trips from 2 to 6 days and nights. Our exclusive and world-famous camping trips are nowhere near other parks, campgrounds, or trailheads. You won't just escape the crowds on these trips, you will literally escape everyone! Each group or family that books has their own private trip and guide, so the atmosphere on the trail and around camp is set by you and no one else. 

Day 1: You hop on the air taxi, fly to the lodge at 10:00 AM, and meet our family and your guide. Camp gear and food will be set out for you to choose your camp meals, snacks, sleeping bag, backpack, and more.

The entire time is spent above tree line, and the immediate area surrounding the lodge does have some trails for us to start on. Soon after that, we lose all wildlife trails and start to hike over untouched, open tundra. This isn't quite as easy as it sounds. The terrain ranges from easygoing low brush and rock to high-stepping over mossy tundra tussocks. The tundra can be very dry some years and very wet other years.

You and your crew set the pace, so don't be intimidated. We do recommend being in good hiking shape and wearing hiking boots that you trust. 


The customization of this trip means that Day 2 and beyond are not set until you book the trip. 

Some trips start and end at the lodge, some include a helicopter or float-plane drop, and the length of stay dictates what type of country we hike through. 

At the end of your camping trip, we try to have everyone back to the lodge with enough time to shower and get something to eat before your air taxi arrives to fly you back to Talkeetna or Anchorage.

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