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*These trips must be booked at least 60 days in advance*


The prices shown below for each back-country combo trip INCLUDES:

* Camping, lodging & meals for 2 people (every trip has a 2 person price minimum even if you are traveling alone.)

* Your round-trip flights to and from Talkeetna

* Round-trip flights to and from the lodge from all heli-drop and float-plane camp locations

* Use of all our necessary camping gear (tent, bed roll, backpack, sleeping bag).

You will need to bring all normal toiletries and clothing. We recommend you bring clothing such as: quick-dry base layers, good quality rain gear, waterproof hiking boots with ankle support, hat, sweater hat, quick-dry socks & wool socks, and anything else you might want such as long sleeve shirts, gloves, sun screen, etc. 


Important to Note...

* During the "EXPERIENCE" camp trips you are expected to wear a backpack that can weigh from 25 - 40 lbs depending on what you pack and length of trip

* Date range for hike-out camping trips range from mid-June – September 15

* Date range for fly-out camping trips is approximately July 7 - August

* All flights are round trip from Talkeetna and are included in the price of each package

** Prices based on travel package for 2 adults

** For groups larger than 2 simply contact us for a quote

backpacking the talkeetna mountains-Hatcher Pass-2.jpg

Photo by Zac Bramante taken during the"Mama Bear Trip".


Camping in The Talkeetna Mountains. Caribou Lodge is located near Denali Park and Talkeetna, Wilderness Adventure, Alaska Wilderness Lodge Near Denai

3 days, 3 nights 

Overview - This trip is perfect for anyone who wants to experience one night with our guide tent camping in the Alaskan wilderness, and then return to the lodge for 2 nights with more creature comforts. Approximately 5 to 7 miles of hiking.

Camping in The Talkeetna Mountains. Caribou Lodge is located near Denali Park and Talkeetna, Wilderness Adventure, Alaska Wilderness Lodge Near Denai

4 days, 4 nights

Overview – Feeling a little more adventurous? Then let us take you out for 2 nights in the wilderness before returning to the lodge for 2 nights in your cabin? Spend more time exploring with a base camp, or set up camp in a different location each night. Approximately 5 - 14 miles of hiking.

Getting dropped off by float plane in the Talkeetna Mountians

4 days, 4 nights

Overview – Taking a float-plane many miles from the lodge and up to 4,000 ft. elevation we are able to set up base camp at the edge of

dall sheep country.

(2 or 3 nights camping.

2 nights at the lodge)

July - August

*(Weather can delay trips.)

*(Price shown does not include 3rd

night camping)

Hiking Through Alaskas back-country on a guided camping trip

4 days, 4 nights

Overview – There are some special places in these mountains that are only accessible by helicopter.

You and your guide will be

heli-dropped at a tiny, picturesque lake and spend 2 days exploring from base camp before getting picked up and flown back to the lodge.

Want to spend more time out camping? Just let us know.

Guided helicopter Camping Trips in Alaska

5 days, 5 nights

Overview –  Fly out further then the "baby bear" trip, and get deeper into the heart of the majestic Talkeetna Mountains, and to the edge of glacier country!  Then we set up a base camp and spend the next 3 days exploring the great outdoors.

(then 2 nights at the lodge)

Mid-June - August.

Guided Camping in Alaska

Maybe one of these options looks great, but you want to stay out longer. Or none of these options seem to be quite what you are looking for. We are happy to work with you to create a custom camping trip to accommodate your skill level, budget, and number of days you wish to be outdoors.

Nothing is set in stone with any of our camping trips, so we can help make your Alaska camping dream a reality. Just contact us and we can go over all the options.

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