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Caribou Lodge has three private cabin rentals on a private lake near Denali Park

The Cabins

Your cabin is very cozy and simple; set up with a king size bed, (or two twin beds) a few pieces of furniture, and a propane heater. Every cabin has a small deck out front with a perfect view of the lake, and mountains in the distance.

To ensure that you have a peaceful and enjoyable experience during your visit, we usually do not book more than 8 guests at the lodge at one time. With larger groups of 8 or more, we will be sure that you have the lodge all to yourselves for reunions, anniversaries, or just the next level of peace and quiet.

There is a centrally located shower house that is available for all guests, and two classic off-grid, meticulously cleaned outhouses all within an extremely short walking distance from your cabin.

*Please note: *There is no plumbing or electricity inside our guest cabins.

Denali Cabin interior at Caribou Lodge in Talkeetna Alaska
Denali Cabin at Caribou Lodge. Every guest has a private cabin overlooking the lake
Inside our cozy, private cabins at Caribou Lodge Alaska-Denali lodging at it's best!
Caribou Lodge Shower House-remote lodging Talkeetna Alaska

Inside look at the guest shower house. Step in, lock the door and have the place all to yourself. Also, flip the sign outside to RED and other guests won't even knock.

A view inside the

shower house

and an outhouse


Classic, well-kept outhouses are still used at Caribou Lodge every day, and are a very short walk from each cabin.

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