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Caribou-Lodge-Alaska-Backcountry lodging Talkeetna

The Lodge

Caribou Lodge is a fly-in destination only accessible by floatplane or helicopter.  The lodge is nestled in the foothills of the Talkeetna Mountains on a remote lake just southeast of Denali National Park. The location of the lodge is right at tree line where the boreal forest gives way to the alpine tundra.

With the lodge sitting on the only privately-owned piece of land within miles we do have this beautiful piece of paradise all to ourselves.

The property was originally developed as an old hunting camp back in the late 1950's. The three cabins and kitchen were among the first structures built on this property over 70 years ago. The original owner, Jack Lee, guided hunters here for the next 20+ years. After that, it sat vacant while the extreme Alaska winters took it's toll on the structures until a family from Montana bought it and started fixing it up in 1992. The eco-tourism destination that we are known as today has been a labor of love over the past 30+ years and the hard work of two different families. Our family purchased the property and lodge from our good friends who bought it all those years ago, and we continue on the classic wilderness lodge traditions that they set in place for guests visiting from all around the world.

Guided hiking near Denali Park
Rustic cabin rentals Talkeetna in the Denali region-Caribou Lodge Alaska
Kayaking at our private lake in the Talkeetna mountains-Caribou Lodge Alaska

All-Inclusive Meals

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are all included & prepared when you stay with us, and our family strives for nothing less than first class cooking and baking. 

Hearty, home-cooked meals are served family-style around the large table in the main day-lodge.

Every morning the lodge opens at 8:00 AM, and guests can take advantage of the tea, coffee, and cookie bar all day. 

We make many items from scratch, including a variety of breads (honey-sweetened, sourdough, French, vegan), granola, chocolate chip cookies, biscotti, pastries, and dessert to enjoy after dinner.

Every night, we assemble fresh salads and savory side dishes to compliment a main course. We do not have a license to serve alcohol, but please feel free to bring whatever you wish. 

Before your arrival at Caribou Lodge, we need to be aware of any food allergies you may have. Due to our remote location, we customize meal plans many weeks in advance, so please let us know of any allergies upon booking your reservation.

All-inclusive packages at this rustic lodge near Talkeetna, close to Denali Park
Guided hiking and Camping adventures near Talkeetna, Alaska-Caribou Lodge
The living room area at Caribou Lodge Alaska
Caribou Lodge Shower House-remote lodging Talkeetna Alaska

Inside look at the guest shower house. Step in, lock the door and have the place all to yourself. Also, flip the sign outside to RED and other guests won't even knock.

A view inside the

shower house

and an outhouse


Classic, well-kept outhouses are still used at Caribou Lodge every day, and are a very short walk from each cabin.

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