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Majestic mountain views from Caribou Lodge near Talkeetna

The Land

Southcentral Alaska is a vast and beautiful place! The Lodge is located in what is known in the tourism industry as "The Denali Region". We are approximately 150 miles from open ocean to the south and almost 300 miles from the arctic circle to the north.

It is made up of some of the world's largest boreal forests, some taiga forest, and three different types of tundra.  The lodge is surrounded by moist alpine tundra which means that we have little to no permafrost. The ground thaws in the spring & summer months and makes a home for all types of flowers, lichens, mosses and berry bushes. This makes for a beautiful patchwork quilt of vegetation that blankets the tundra.

The lakes in this region are pretty well frozen over from November through May, so jumping off the dock for a swim in the months of June through September can be a very exhilarating experience.

In the winter this whole area becomes a wide open wonderland for dog mushing, cross-country skiing and snowshoeing where the path you take from the lodge is only inhibited by your imagination.  Being above tree line also means that the views of the northern lights in the fall and winter months are completely unobstructed. 

Guided Backcountry hiking and Camping near Talkeetna Alaska with Caribou Lodge Alaska
Mountain blueberries are plentiful around this Alaska wilderness lodge during August and September. Visit Caribou Lodge near Denali for a chance to pick your own wild blueberries

Mountain Blueberry

alpine-azalea-Tundra wildflowers of Denali region

Alpine Azalea

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