Central Alaska is a vast and beautiful place! The Lodge is approximately 150 miles from open ocean to the south and 200 miles from the Arctic Circle to the north.  Large portions of the ground can be frozen year around and is known as permafrost. Permafrost coupled with long winters can make the growing season very short for the plants and trees of this region. The fact that the lodge is surrounded by alpine tundra and not arctic tundra means that the ground does thaw in the spring & summer months and makes for a beautiful patchwork quilt of wildflowers, blueberry bushes, grasses, moss, and lichen that blanket the tundra.



The lakes in the area around the lodge are pretty well frozen from November through May, so jumping off the dock for a swim in the months of June through September can be a very exhilarating experience.


In the winter this whole area becomes a wide open wonderland for dog mushing, cross-country skiing and snowshoeing where the path you take from the lodge is only inhibited by your imagination.  Being above tree line also means that the views of the northern lights in the fall and winter months are completely unobstructed. 

Mountain blueberries are plentiful around this Alaska wilderness lodge during August and September. Visit Caribou Lodge near Denali for a chance to pick your own wild blueberries

Mountain Blueberry

While hiking along the tundra around Caribou Lodge Alaska you are sure to find amazing tundra flowers like the alpine azalea. Alaska Wilderness Lodging near Denali

Alpine Azalea