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Tundra Explorer Heli-drop

Details - The preparations for this camping trip are similar to our "Expedition trip". Every back country trip into the Talkeetna mountains requires a lot of prep work from the pilots and guides. 

The weather does not affect this trip as much as the Backcountry Expedition trip since we stay on the west side of the large mountains where storm clouds gather more often.

Although not required for this trip, we do recommend that each camper bring their own backpack already filled with clothing and personal items. The guide will have camp gear and food ready for the trip before you arrive. Another benefit to this trip is the option we have to either get picked up by helicopter or spend 2 nights hiking back to the lodge. This also affects the price.

Day 1: You get flown to the lodge at 10:00 AM and meet up with our guide. If you have opted for heli-pick up on the 3rd morning than more luxurious camp amenities can be packed into the helicopter. If you opt to spend two nights hiking back to the lodge than an ultralight approach is taken into consideration when packing for the trip.

Everything is weighed so the pilot knows what is safe to fly into camp with every load. The afternoon is spent setting up camp, exploring the surrounding area, hiking, etc. Being more than 4,000 feet above treeline means no camp fires so we will haul in enough fuel for all cooking needs. 


Day 2:  The entire second day is all about hiking, looking for wildlife, picking berries, and enjoying nature. We leave camp sometime after breakfast with a lunch packed so we can eat while exploring and not have to return to camp until afternoon. The guide spends the afternoon boiling water for coffee & tea so everyone can relax and enjoy camp before dinner.

Day 3: You and your guide can be picked up on day 3, or if you are hiking back, you usually make it back to the lodge in the afternoon of day 3.

Day 4: While spending the two nights at the lodge you are free to enjoy more guided day-hiking, spending time out on the lake in a kayak, fishing, or just relaxing at the lodge.

Day 5: Enjoy a hearty lodge breakfast before your return flight back to Talkeetna scheduled for 10:30 AM.

Interested in this camping trip?
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