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Day 1: Fly to Caribou Lodge by float plane at 10:00 AM. 

We will establish what each person in your party will be willing to pack, and pick out the gear and camp food you would like while on the camping trip. We will make sure everyone is comfortable with their pack weight and get everything packed and ready for the trip.

Then we will prepare for lunch at the lodge before we take off for a night out in the wilderness.  Everyone on the camping trip is expected to pack supplies such as a sleeping bag, bed roll, water, food and clothes in one of our backpacks. On average each persons pack will weigh approximately 30 lbs. (13 kgs)  All gear is provided. You only need to bring clothing, and we recommend also bringing your favorite binoculars, camera, and whatever else you think may make your trip more enjoyable.

Day 2: return to the lodge in the afternoon from the overnight camping trip and prepare to eat a delicious dinner, take a nice warm shower, if you wish, and get settled into your cabin.  


Day 3: While spending the two nights at the lodge you are free to enjoy more guided day-hiking, spending time out on the lake, or just relaxing at the lodge.

Day 4: Enjoy a hearty lodge breakfast before your return flight back to Talkeetna scheduled for 10:30 AM.

3-Day Experience

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