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Connect With Nature At This Alaska Wilderness Lodge

Updated: Mar 16, 2023

On the edge of Alaska's interior region and only 20 air miles from the Denali National Park boundary sits an amazing little wilderness lodge that is completely off the grid in the Talkeetna Mountains. Caribou Lodge Alaska is only accessible by small aircraft and we are just a short flight from the famous little town of Talkeetna. This is a great location to escape the crowds! Situated on a secluded, pristine alpine lake guests have a breathtaking view of the lake and mountains from the lodge as well as all three guest cabins.

Fly in from Talkeetna, Alaska and enjoy the peace and quiet surrounding Caribou Lodge

We know the land & wildlife very well and enjoy sharing it all with a limited number of guests. As a small and personal Alaska wilderness lodge we are perhaps a Denali Park experience without the crowds. We offer multi day lodging, day trips, extended lodge / backpacking combination trips, all with guided hiking. All your meals and activities around the lodge are included with your stay.

Your cabin is very cozy; set up with a king size bed (or two twin beds). There is a centrally located shower house that all guests take turns using, and two classic off the grid outhouses. Since the lodge is located off the road system we coordinate your flights to & from the lodge with a local air taxi service. Contact us for availability and more information. We would love to have you visit. Come join us for

a true Alaska wilderness experience.

Inside one of our guest cabins set up with a king size bed

Leave your toubles in town because as you step off the float plane your vacation is in full swing



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