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Winding Down For The Summer

Here at Caribou Lodge we don't really have a closing date to mark the end of the Alaska tourist season like most places do. Sure, it gets really slow around here after September but we have guests all year long. (the crazy ones who love cold weather, snow, and northern lights) Though sometimes I think it would be nice to close down in the fall, but we don't have the luxury of just locking the door, pulling the shades and heading south for the winter. Our lodge is our home year-round and in the dead of winter someone has to be here to...well, mainly shovel snow! We don't have to worry about things like power outages, freezing pipes, overflowing septic, etc, but we do have to worry about heavy snow potentially making the roof cave in, or a bear knocking in a window to make our couch his hibernation spot. I guess it's just all part of the adventure living in remote Alaska. Don't get me wrong, we wouldn't trade it for the's just different. So, as time slows down out here and we prepare for the long winter nights we wanted to get out and enjoy the lake before it freezes. We'll be trading in the kayaks and canoe for snowshoes really soon!

Moose after a swim
Kayaking in Alaska
Boomerang Lake, Mount McKinley

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