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Blueberries of South-central Alaska

It seems that as the guide I always have my eyes out for wildlife and my mind on the next creek crossing, or making sure everyone is having a great time. But in August and September there are countless times I will turn around to check on my group of hikers only to find that everyone is bent over with their hands in one of the millions of blueberry bushes.

Caribou Lodge Alaska is surrounded by 3 types of blueberry species: The Bog Blueberry, Low Brush Blueberry, and the High Brush (or mountain) Blueberry.

The blueberries almost outnumber the leaves on this bush at the peak of growing season in south-central Alaska
Alaska Blueberry Picking

In addition to these crowd favorites our hiking trips also bring us through patches of Cloud berries, Crow berries, Watermelon berries and 3 different cranberry species. It's an incredible thing to walk through such beautiful tundra.

Everyone knows that bears love berries, but so many birds, and small mammals also rely on this organic bounty. Wolves, River Otter, Martin, just to name a few have realized that the bear are onto something with how delicious and calorie packed the berries are.

Visitors to Caribou Lodge Alaska hike through open alpine tundra above treeline
Hiking Through Blueberries on the Tundra

So if you are planning a summer trip to Alaska and have your heart set on picking your own berries (and don't want to be limited on how many you can pick, like in the national park) then make sure you plan a visit to Caribou Lodge in August or September. That is your best option for catching the berries while they are ripe.

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