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Denali National Park Road Closed! DON'T Cancel Your Travel Plans.

Updated: Mar 16, 2023

By now you've probably heard that the Denali National Park road is closed very close to mile marker 43 due to a landslide that keeps gaining speed. If you haven't heard this news yet, check it out here.

Denali Park is the iconic centerpiece to all of southcentral Alaska, and for hundreds of thousands of visitors, this is devastating news for their 2022 & 2023 bucket list travel plans. But all hope is not lost! There is another INCREDIBLE option for your summer trip to the backcountry of the Denali region.

So what IS that option for visiting the Denali area and getting a great experience near Denali Park & Talkeetna where you can see bear, moose, caribou, spend time picking wild low-brush blueberries, hike the alpine tundra and get a real Alaska wilderness adventure?

Well, we have a great answer to that question at this unique lodge in Talkeetna that will also get you away from the hordes of cookie cutter travelers and cramped shuttle busses!

When it comes to lodging near Talkeetna, Caribou Lodge Alaska is the perfect location to see the real untouched Alaska and have a first-class stay at our small, all-inclusive, family-owned lodge. We have even been called "the Denali experience without the crowds."

Caribou Lodge Alaska is a premier fly-in wilderness lodge, accessible only by small bush-plane, with so much to offer! We are an ecotourism destination with an emphasis on guided hiking & camping trips. You can enjoy our cozy, private cabins at the lodge or rough it in a tent on one of our guided backcountry camping trips. Or have it both ways and combine the two into one adventure.

Check out our website and get in touch with us as you plan your trip to the Denali region of southcentral Alaska.

A small private guest cabin with a small deck that overlooks the lake
One of our 3 guest cabins at Caribou Lodge


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