Guided hiking and backcountry lodging near Talkeetna, Alaska

Summer Activities

June - September

Guided Hiking

Hiking in Alaska is one of the ultimate wilderness adventures, and Caribou Lodge is known best as a hiking destination.

During your stay we offer guided half-day hikes, full-day hikes, and overnight camping trips. As well as some customized

back-country trips.  Click HERE for more info on camping.

The only hiking trails around here were carved out many years ago from large caribou herds, and we use them every day.

If we are not on an old caribou trail we are walking over untouched tundra which can be very wet sometimes, so come prepared with good hiking boots.

With custom-tailored options to accommodate anyone from the novice hiker to the  experienced cross-country trekker, we have many trails and hiking opportunities, ranging from a 10 minute walk up Blueberry Hill for an unmatched view of Denali, to a multi-day back-country excursion deep in the heart of the majestic Talkeetna Mountains. 

Our guided day trips include hiking to nearby lakes, plateaus, streams, or beaver ponds to observe the wildlife, or just enjoy the cool, pristine mountain air and bask in the scenery around you.

So whether you’ll be packing a quick lunch for a day hike or outfitting a pack with everything you’ll need for multiple days out in the Alaskan bush, you are going to have an adventure! 

Guests out on a guided hiking trip during their visit to Caribou Lodge Alaska near Talkeetna.


There is nothing quite like the simplicity of tent camping.  If turning off the cell phone, reconnecting with nature, and heading into the wilderness for some peace and quiet sounds like your idea of fun, then there is no better place to do it than the beautiful Alaskan wilderness.  Camping above tree line in the vast expanse of tundra is a unique experience where views never end and blueberries are almost always underfoot.  Along with one of our experienced guides and all the gear and food you’ll need, it would be our pleasure to accompany you for as many days in the Alaskan wilderness as you see fit.

Every camping trip at Caribou Lodge Alaska is guided by one of our staff with many years of experience in the Alaska wilderness.


Low Brush Cranberry

Low Brush Cranberry

Twisted Stock (Watermelon Berry)

Twisted Stock (Watermelon Berry)

Canadian Dogwood

Canadian Dogwood



Blueberry Picking

From late July through September, large portions of the tundra are blanketed with berry patches. We’ll show you the ones that are tasty and the ones you may want to stay away from.  There are crow berries, watermelon berries, salmon berries, and low-brush cranberries just to name a few. But in our experience, nothing beats a batch of fresh picked blueberries to  add to the hotcakes being cooked for breakfast!


Kayaking adventures near Talkeetna, Alaska at Caribou Lodge.

Kayaking, Canoeing
& Fishing

Lake kayaking is a great experience and actually very relaxing.

Most guests tell us that they have never been in a kayak before but that doesn't seem to stop most from trying it. We will help you get started and make sure you have a safe time out on the water.

If you have experience with kayaks then you know how easy they are to use, and we will just leave you alone to enjoy it.

The kayaking is unguided. 

Our canoe, and 4 kayaks are at your disposal, and it would

be a shame to visit without paddling around the lake

to enjoy the scenery and perhaps see wildlife.


Wildlife Viewing

The abundance and diversity of wildlife in Alaska is one of the main reasons people visit our beautiful state.

Whether you’re an avid birder or more excited about the larger animal species, Alaska has to be on your “bucket list,” so bring your binoculars and cameras!

While a spot of luck and a lot of patience play a huge role in any wildlife viewing opportunity, you are almost sure to see some of the animals that call central Alaska home. Animals seen from the deck of the lodge or during a day hike, just to name a few, are moose, caribou, wolves, grizzly and black bear, loons, ducks, mergansers, etc.

Just remember that if you visit Caribou Lodge, you will not see these animals from a tour bus window.  You will not share this view with hundreds of other people all clicking their cameras and pushing you out of the way to get the best photo.  Our lodge is NOT located in a national park; it is not a game preserve.  Some of the animals viewed from or around the lodge have never seen a human being in their life. Thus, the organic, special feeling you get when you see an animal in its true natural habitat is an experience you will not soon forget.

Summer activities Caribou Lodge Alaska

A photo group from Japan enjoys watching this lone bull caribou while out on a guided hike at Caribou Lodge Alaska.
Taking clients out hiking from Caribou Lodge. Guided hiking near Talkeetna at it's best!
Relaxing in a family friendly atmosphere at Caribou Lodge after a big day of hiking and fishing

Relaxing Around the Lodge

If nothing from the list of activities seems to quite do it for you, and hiking and picking berries seems just a little too strenuous, there are always more relaxing things to do around the lodge. Strumming a guitar in the living room or on the deck, playing a round of horse shoes or bocce ball, roasting marshmallows over the campfire, a friendly game of cribbage, or grabbing a good book off the shelf... Whatever it is, we’d love to have you join us!