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Respecting The Weather

Wow, the weather can change fast up here. Woke up to a fairly nice morning, partly cloudy, a light breeze, and we could see the Talkeetna Mountains. Within about half an hour, the wind picked up to a steady 15mph, the lake got choppy, and the first snow of the season started coming down (or going sideways as it were). I felt a sense of urgency, knowing that up here "nature's bluff" of the first snow could end up not being a bluff at all. So, I'm all dressed warm and running around trying to get things put away…. Meanwhile, there was a raven flying around in this mini blizzard cawing and gargling at me. I just knew he was laughing at me and thinking, what a stupid cheechako. (Well, I thought he was stupid for flying in that weather, so I guess we are even)….As I was putting the finishing touches on "battening down the hatches" (30 minutes or so) the snow lets up, the wind dies down, and the clouds lift to reveal a fresh blanket of snow on the Talkeetna mountains.

It can be so beautiful and calm one minute, and just plain nasty the next. I am learning to really respect the weather out here, and as long as all my chores are done and things are secure, I can go to the wood box, and put another log on the fire.

snowing sideways.jpg

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