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Ice, Ice Baby

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Well, it’s that time again….Time to haul water for the tanks. We have no snow, but the lake and the spring are frozen. So, we get to dig a hole in the lake ice and haul water. First, we have to check the ice on the lake to ensure it is thick enough for us to walk on.

The boys (Howie and Joe) are obsessed with the ice. It’s all I can do to get them off of it at the end of the day! Joe loves hatcheting the ice, and Howie chases the pieces that fly across the lake.

hatcheting ice.jpg

We found a good spot to place our hole with easy snow machine access once the snow falls. For now, it’s the long drag across the lake.

Today, we loaded the sleds with our buckets and harnessed Howie. He is learning that life here isn’t all fun and games. He loves to play, but when it comes to the work, let’s just say he is a little less enthusiastic. We are easing him into learning to pull a small sled.

joe pulling sled.jpg
joe pulling howie.jpg

It took about three trips with all the buckets full to fill the tank, the hardest part being hauling the buckets by hand up the hill to the lodge and then up the ladder to the tanks.

It’s time consuming and we are all exhausted after the venture, but we are happy to have it done. The effort it takes to get the water has helped us become masters at not wasting water. It’s funny how precious something becomes when you labor for it. At the end of the day even Howie got a little break.

hauling water.jpg

While the ice has added to our work, it has also brought new amusements. Joe made a little ice rink for us, and we dug out our skates and tested it out. Joe started getting pretty fancy by the end of our skate time. I think I better get us some hockey sticks and a puck before he learns how to do a triple lutz!

joe on skates.jpg
bonnie on skates.jpg

Now that our chores are done we get to settle in with some hot cocoa and enjoy the warmth of the fire. (Though, someone keeps asking about oatmeal cookies, so maybe I will bake cookies first.) Our most basic needs take a lot of work and effort out here, but our lives are so simple that we are never in too big of a hurry to stop and have some fun.

joe bonnie howie.jpg

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