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Guests visit Caribou Lodge Alaska During The Winter

We have started a YouTube channel to document our lives out here at Caribou Lodge. Sometimes videoing our lodge operation and guests visits, but mostly as a non-touristy outlet for our off-grid lifestyle. This video below was a fun one to make and we thought we'd share it here, but you can get caught up on all of our videos by finding

BRAMANTE BROTHERS channel on Youtube.

From YouTube:

Guests visit us at Caribou Lodge Alaska during our winter season just as they do in the very busy summer tourist season. Our lodge is off the grid and there is no road system here so guests fly in with a helicopter or small plane equipped with skis. Our lodge is just 20 air miles from the Denali National Park boundary so our terrain is much the same with taiga forest below us and alpine tundra all around us. We have been asked to video some footage of us preparing for guests to visit our lodge and show what it is that we do, so we hope this helps a bit and we hope you enjoy.

To respect peoples privacy and their chance to relax on vacation we do not like to video too much while they are here but some folks like these people were willing to be on camera. Being above treeline is great for endless views, and lots of sunshine, but for us as birders (as you'll see in the last part of the video) we have to go down into the forest sometimes to see some different species of bird that do not like to live above treeline.

Thanks for watching!!

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Music in this episode: Duck Pond & Reflections Across The Sky, by Scott Holmes

Happiness, by bensound.

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